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Veteran Events Logo VSC is a Non-Political, Non-
Profit, IN Corp. that
Veterans, Military & Families.
VSC's & MACV's Next
Meetings: 18th of December
at 1:00 PM at the Red Cross Bldg.
Committees meet Monthly on the
3rd Tuesday of each month
MACV is a City Program
Advises the Mayors' on
Veterans needs and programs.

MACV's Next
Networking & Information
Meeting: 18th of December
at 2:00 PM at the Red Cross Bldg.
MACV Meets Monthly on the
3rd Tuesday of each month.
MACV Awards_20Feb18
Mayor Hogsett awards volunteers
for organizing Mayors' Veterans
Appreaciation Day Event
Mayor Hogsett, Don Hawkins & Matt Hall
Don Hawkins & Matt Hall presents
Mayor Hogsett w/American flag
flown over city-county building
Don, The VP & Gordon
Then Governor Pence with
Don Hawkins & Gordon Smith
at Veteran Bill signing ceremony
Ponytail, Govnor Holcomb & Sammy Davis
MACV Meeting 20Feb18
MACV Meeting 20Feb18
Mayor at the Marriott
Thanks Marriott-East Indianapolis
for your continued support
All Mayors 13Jun15
2015 Mayors' Event
Mayors & Community Leaders
Jill Fewell & Mayor Hogsett
Vet Mobile
News for Veterans
FREE BUS PASSES FOR INDY VETERANS - Starting 18Jul18 all Veterans living in the Indianapolis Metro area are eligable to ride the IndyGo buses for FREE.  To register, veterans must complete the enrollment process in person at the Julia Carson Transit Center, 201 E Washington St. Veterans must fill out an application (provided in both English and Spanish), provide proof of eligibility, and have a photo taken at the Transit Center Customer Service desk.
Emergency & Non-Emergency Information
For Medical or Physical Emergencies:  If you or someone you are helping is in imminent danger, please get to a phone and dial 9-1-1 immediately; If you, or someone you know is feeling suicidal, or facing a crisis, dial 2-1-1 for immediate help.
For Non-Emergencies:  Download a quick reference poster (PDF file) with Non-Emergency Information for  the Homeless & Veterans "VSC's Information Poster".  For Information on other Services & Benefits for Veterans, please click on our "Resources" page.